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Valid Reasons for Tree Removal Services

Top Reasons for Tree Removal Services

Trees are living things, and they are vulnerable to diseases and deterioration. They, too, have an end of life. Because of their size, they are not easy to deal with when their time comes, and they need to be removed. If you don’t have the proper equipment and tools, the job of removing even one tree requires knowledge, skill, and experience.

There are many reasons that will require tree removal services. Damaged trees during a serious storm can pose a threat to life and property. Some trees simply die, and they also pose a threat when they remain on our property. Other trees can be a structural hindrance.  

When you know you don’t have the needed skills and knowledge and the proper equipment to remove a tree, you should hire a professional like Big Easy Tree Removal, who can safely and properly remove a tree. The top reasons that would signal it’s time to call a professional tree service provider are

The Trees Have Died

However we want to prolong the life of a tree, it will reach the end of its life. There are maintenance services that will help in keeping trees healthy and robust, but a tree will always reach its point of death.

There is no other solution that can be done to a dying tree. The only choice you have got is to remove it. A dying tree can pose a threat to people and property. It loses its strength and vigor and can easily fall when there are strong storms or when there is extra weight. Furthermore, they are a conducive place for pests that can cause further damage and decay

How will you know if your tree is dead or dying?  The symptoms of a dead and dying tree include

  • Cracks in the trunk 
  • Peeling, cracking, or splitting bark
  • Mushrooms or other fungi growing near the roots
  • Multiple branches that have no living buds
  • Missing leaves or hanging branches

The Trees Are Diseased

Some tree diseases are incurable. There are diseases of trees that can progress and get worse even with the best solutions from arborists or tree specialists. In fact, there are diseases that can cause the death of a tree.

When you notice signs that your tree/trees are infested with a disease, it is best to call a professional to assess the health of your tree. This will prevent the disease from spreading to other trees. Removing the tree can be the best solution for trees that are diagnosed with a disease that is difficult or impossible to cure.

A fallen damged tree The Trees Are Damaged

Trees can be damaged by inevitable external forces and elements. There are circumstances out of your control that can cause severe damage to your tree/trees. Heavy wind or rain, an ice storm, a nearby construction, and a vehicular accident can cause tree damage that weakens it.

When trees are damaged, they can be prone to diseases.  Otherwise, they can be very weak and unsafe because they can fall anytime. This can call for tree removal, especially if the base of the tree is the most damaged.

The Trees Are Not in a Good Location

When a tree is a structural hindrance because it is located too near your home, office, or building, it may be best to remove it. Trees grow bigger and their root system can spread wide enough to disturb the foundation of a building or any structure.

There are instances when the root system of several trees can be damaging to underground power lines and other utility lines like water lines and sewers. When trees become more of an issue, in the long run, it might be best to remove and transplant them.

The Trees Add More Mess Than Beauty

There are some trees that are difficult to maintain because they shed leaves more often than not. The droppings from trees that are planted near structures can clog gutters on a roofing system. When gutters are clogged and the drainage system gets compromised, more serious problems may arise.

When the tree is not removed, these problems will occur over and over. You will have to make the choice of removing the tree or having to repeatedly deal with issues caused by the tree. It may not be that simple to decide on this while respecting the value of your tree, but you can simply weigh the harm over the benefits.

The Trees Were Not Planted Well

A tree that is not properly planted will not be securely rooted on the ground. This can pose a threat to people and property. Likewise, they can grow to be unhealthy. Another issue with trees that are not planted well is the lack of spacing between trees when there are several of them.

Multiple trees that grow too close together get crowded and block out sunlight and deplete the soil of nutrients. This can deprive other plants and growing trees of getting enough nutrients from the soil. You can talk to a professional tree removal provider about this and determine which trees need to be removed and transplanted.

The Trees Block Your View

It is possible to remove a tree for aesthetic reasons. When a tree does not pose a threat to people or property but is blocking your view or sunlight from getting into a space where you want to have sunlight through, you can choose to have the tree removed.

You may have not anticipated the impact a full-grown tree has on your space and if you don’t feel comfortable about how the tree blocks your view or is ruining the curb appeal of your property, ask a professional tree removal service provider to remove the tree.

Found Any Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed from Your Property? 

Trees provide lots of benefits to us and to the environment. However, there are circumstances where tree removal can be the best solution, especially if the tree is dying, damaged, or is diagnosed with a disease that can be hard to cure. 

When a tree poses a threat to the people and property around it, it is time to call a professional who can safely remove the tree. A professional tree removal service provider has the expertise and the proper equipment to do the job. Contact us today and we will take care of your tree removal problem.

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