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Proactive New Orleans Tree Preservation For Long-Term Survival and Sustainability

Big Easy Tree Removal will protect the economic and historical value of landmark trees on your property. They are the premium company that offers New Orleans Tree Preservation services, including conducting a thorough tree preservation study.

Their certified arborists will help prevent damage to the roots, trunk, or crown of your trees.

With expert knowledge from planning, design, grading, and construction to ongoing landscape maintenance, our tree preservation techniques will assure the long-term survival and stability of important trees on your property.

We want to preserve your long-term living investment with the innovative tree care methods of our tree technicians and specialists.

They will work alongside your landscape architect and engineering team to determine which of your trees should be preserved.

Tree Preservation Orders

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is usually made by a local planning authority to protect a specific tree or woodland from deliberate damage and destruction such as:

  • Felling
  • Lopping
  • Topping
  • Uprooting
  • Willful damage

A TPO can be placed on any tree and can also apply to woodland. It is commonly used for urban and semi-urban settings, and for trees with high ‘amenity’ or ‘nature conservation value’.

As a legal tool that prevents harm from being done to trees, it helps maintain the amenity value that a tree offers.

It also protects trees that have been removed without consent with a duty to replant them.

The Importance of TPOs

Preserving Trees in Louisiana

New Orleans is famous for its historical districts, national parks, and forests.

Local governments have created tree preservation districts intended to protect the existing tree canopy, and facilitate tree maintenance, and planting of trees.

An example is the Metairie Ridge preservation district that fulfills tree preservation methods such as:

  • Facilitating related urban forestry activities in the district
  • Adding aesthetic appeal
  • Maintaining
  • Increasing comfort and property values
  • Generally improving the quality of the environment

Hence, a TPO in New Orleans can benefit not only the community but the environment as a whole.

When a TPO is in place, it provides:

  • Legal basis for a council to prosecute people who ignore tree protection orders where fines can be significant.
  • Planning decisions for proposed development projects to ensure the public that the construction company is fully aware of any threats to trees as part of the consultation process.
  • Records on local authority registers help build a vital picture of the various species of trees across the country.

Big Easy Tree Removal honors Tree Protection Orders in New Orleans, hence, you are assured that we will help you protect your trees.

With our tree preservation services, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of having healthy growing trees on your property.

Tree Preservation Services in New Orleans

Jefferson Parish is the heart of Southern New Orleans where you can explore trails of the Barataria Preserve of Jean Lafitte National Park. Its 26,000 acres include bayous, swamps, marshes, and forests.

Other parks that boast trees that have been preserved for years are Grand Isle State Park, Bayou Segnette State Park, and Lafreniere Park.

This is only one example of many places in New Orleans that have tree preservation standards.

Their tree preservation initiatives aim to:

  • Protect and preserve the existing tree canopies in the area,
  • Promote maintenance and planting of trees
  • Promote the maintenance of related urban forestry activities
  • Enhance the appeal of the built environment
  • Increase comfort and property values
  • Improve the quality of the environment

We join their cause in tree preservation by offering services that will protect your trees from willful damage and allow them to live longer.

Our preservation services cover all areas like a lot or development sites where tree preservation and protection are required by the locality or the State.

Development sites include a streetscape area, property buffer, setback, and buildable area.

Responsibility for Tree Preservation

Big Easy Tree Removal Tree Preservation Services

When you are a property owner in New Orleans with a protected tree, you will be responsible for the maintenance and protection of all protected trees on your property at all times.

Hence, Big Easy Tree Removal provides these tree preservation services in New Orleans to help you maintain and protect your trees:

  • Construction-related damage

Our specialists will ensure the health of your protected trees during construction.

If your trees get damaged because of construction practices, we will repair the damaged tree or replace it for you so that you will not have to pay penalties.

  • Non-construction-related damages

If any non-construction-related activity is determined to be the cause of future damage to, or death of, a protected tree, we will replace the tree to avoid penalties.

  • Trees on abutting property

Our experienced and licensed arborists comply with the requirements of cutting or trimming tree limbs or roots that extend from an adjacent property.

We work with property owners to make sure that there is authorization in writing from the owner of the abutting property regarding cutting or trimming your trees.

  • Protection during construction activities

Excavation, filling, grading, trenching, demolition, and construction activities will require that the trees in your property will be protected.

Our trained tree technicians will preserve your trees from damage during construction by:

  • Erecting a protective barrier around each tree or group of trees that are designated for preservation.
    We strictly follow protective barrier guidelines as required by the locality.
  • Use other measures of protection deemed necessary when barriers are impracticable.
  • Trenching or digging to deal with displaced roots.
    Our skilled arborists will make sure that the roots of your tree remain intact and manually redirect the roots ways from excavated areas.
  • Cutting, trimming, or clearing protected trees with applicable developmental approval procedures.

Our skilled tree technicians perform this procedure only when:

  • The protected tree is diseased or hazardous as certified by our licensed arborists.
  • The protected tree is located in a buildable area and would substantially hinder the development of the site.
  • It is allowed by the parish or locality, especially for heritage, historic, or landmark trees.

Big Easy Tree Removal: Your Lifetime Partner in Tree Preservation in New Orleans

Preservation Tree Service

Tree preservation is a lifetime process that starts shortly after tree planting.

It involves several preservation tree services like fertilization, limb pruning, tree trimming, soil management, root management, implementation of support systems, protection around construction zones, pest management, and all other important elements in tree preservation.

Big Easy Tree Removal is a team of professional, experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable arborists and tree technicians who excel and specialize in tree preservation in New Orleans.

We have been providing excellent tree services in the Pelican State ensuring the longevity and vibrant health of many trees.

Call us today and protect the trees on your property and make them live longer!

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