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Complete Tree Care and Management From the Best Hammond Tree Service Company

Big Easy Tree Removal is the leading tree service company in Hammond with professional and fully qualified arborists and tree technicians. We offer fully comprehensive and affordable tree care services and consultancy to both residential and commercial clients.

Our years of experience in the industry working safely and professionally meeting our clients’ needs ensures that you don’t have to do the hard work that we can do for you. All of our tree services are done by our highly qualified, skilled, and experienced arborists, tree surgeons, and tree technicians.

Whether you need one of our expert tree technicians to come on-site and prepare a tree management plan or give advice on commercial or residential tree maintenance in Hammond, we can help.

Tree Services in Hammond From Big Easy Tree Removal

Cutting Tree Branches in Hammond. LA - Big Easy Tree RemovalHammond is a commercial hub for Tangipahoa Parish where you can enjoy fine restaurants, several modern shopping centers, and many beautiful parks for the entire family. It is also home to Southeastern Louisiana University, the fastest-growing University in the Nation.

There are several Christmas tree farms in Hammond. In addition to the Christmas tree species that you can find in Hammond, you can also see many of the most popular and best trees that are used for Louisiana landscapes such as the Southern Live Oak, Southern magnolia, bald cypress, crape myrtles, deciduous oaks, pines, among others.

The prominence of trees in many landscapes, parks, and historical sites in Hammond inspired us to offer tree services to help preserve, care for, and maintain one of the best living investments you can make.

We understand and value the importance of caring for trees in Hammond. We treat every tree entrusted to our care as if it were our own. We provide tree services so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of having a tree in your yard or landscape. With well-cared trees, you will always have good shade, fresher air, reduced energy consumption, and increased property value.


These are the premium tree care and maintenance you will get from Big Easy Tree Removal: the best and trusted tree service company in Hammond:


  • Expert advice
  • Free risk assessment and quote
  • Plant health care including fertilization and pest and disease prevention and control
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Tree felling
  • Emergency tree services
  • Tree planting
  • Tree support systems
  • Tree preservation
  • Tree storm damage repairs


How Our Licensed Arborists Take Care of Your Trees

Your tree(s) in Hammond will fulfill their purpose only when they are cared for and grown successfully. We can plant and help you monitor your tree for problems and you will be amazed how they will respond to care. We will make sure that your tree investment will pay off many times over.


Here are the reasons we are a Hammond tree service company you can trust. Our arborists are:


  • ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified
  • Knowledgeable about the needs of trees
  • Trained and equipped to provide proper care for your trees


These are the services that our licensed arborists provide:



Our arborist can determine the type of pruning necessary to maintain and improve the health, appearance, and safety of your trees. They use pruning techniques to:

  • Maintain proper structure in young trees
  • Improve tree shape or form
  • Reduce the likelihood of future damage during storm events


Our pruning techniques include removing limbs that:


  • Interfere with utilities or structures
  • Obstruct streets or sidewalks
  • Are dead, weak, or decayed and pose an unacceptable risk
  • Are diseased or insect-infested
  • Have been damaged by storms
  • Will increase light penetration and reduce wind resistance within the canopy when removed or thinned out


Tree Removal

Tree removalTree Removal Service in Hammond, LA - Big Easy Tree Removal is our last resort because we are committed to preserving trees in Hammond. However, if after a thorough assessment of your tree and our arborist suggests that it is the best option, we can safely remove your tree. Tree removal is typically recommended when your tree is:

  • Dead or dying
  • Considered an unacceptable risk
  • Causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning
  • Crowding and causing harm to other, more desirable trees
  • To be replaced by a more suitable specimen
  • Located in an area where new construction requires removal


Emergency Tree Care

Louisiana has experienced hurricanes that have caused the fall of many of its ancient trees. Storm-damaged trees cause limbs or even the entire tree to fall on structures, cars, homes, and other trees.

They can cause harm and be dangerous over time when they are not removed immediately. Such is the case also for trees that fall because they have weakened due to old age.

Our skilled and experienced team can assist in performing safe tree removals in Hammond to reduce the risk of further damage to property and humans.


We have arborists who can recommend the best species that are appropriate in Hammond. The wrong tree in the wrong location will lead to future problems.

In Louisiana, we celebrate Arbor Day on the third Friday in January. It is a day designated for planting trees. Hence, January is considered the best month to plant a tree. Some of the most popular and best trees for Louisiana landscapes include:

  • Southern live oak (signature tree)
  • Southern magnolia (the state flower)
  • Bald cypress (the state tree)
  • Crape myrtles
  • Deciduous oaks
  • Southern sugar maple
  • Hollies
  • Vitex, Sweetbay magnolia
  • Pines


Complete Tree Service

Big Easy Tree Removal takes pride in caring for trees providing complete tree care and management in Hammond. We offer a comprehensive range of services providing assessment, professional tree care, and tree management options.

We are a Hammond tree service company with local tree surgeons, consultants, climbers, and ground staff who use the latest techniques and equipment in tree surgery. We ensure that your trees are cared for with minimal disruption to you, your other trees, and your surroundings.

We consider your budget carefully and make sure that you see value in your investment in us as we show value in your living investment. Contact our tree expert in Hammond today.

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