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Metairie Tree Service Company With the Most Trusted and Experienced Tree Care Specialists

Our tree surgeons, arborists, and tree technicians have been serving Louisiana for many years. We are a unique Metairie tree service company that is capable of successfully accomplishing the most complicated, large scale projects and small scale individual ones for our private clients like homeowners.

We treat your property— whether it is a large estate, a business property, a public area, a historical landmark, or a residential space—as if it were our own. We understand that your trees are one of your most precious and valuable living investments. Hence, they need all the care and attention they deserve.

What We Do as a Tree Service Company

Big Easy Tree Removal - Tree Trimming Service in Metairie, LAMetairie boasts of captivating plantations like the Oak Alley Plantation, St. Joseph Plantation, Laura Plantation, and River Road Plantation, to name a few. These plantations have majestic trees that ark passageways and roads. You can walk beneath a canopy formed by centuries-old oak trees.

Century-old oak trees are one of the types of trees we care for and maintain in Metairie. Trees in historical landmarks deserve the best tree preservation services from only the best tree service company.

Big Easy Tree Removal is one of Metairie’s most trusted, experienced, and professional tree care specialists.  Our licensed and expert tree care specialists look after trees from front yard garden ornamentals to listed mature trees on family estates and public grounds.

Here are the premium tree care and maintenance services that we offer:

  • Expert advice
  • Free risk assessment and quote
  • Plant health care (fertilization and pest and disease prevention and control)
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Tree felling
  • Emergency tree services
  • Tree planting
  • Tree support systems
  • Tree preservation
  • Tree storm damage repairs

To give you a glimpse of the steps that we take to successfully accomplish our premium tree services here in Metairie, we want to introduce some of the most common services that we take pride in:

Plant Health Care

Trees are one of the most important elements of a landscape. The popular Southern Live Oak is one of the most popular and majestic historical trees you can see around Metairie. It has broad-reaching canopies and evergreen foliage that offers great appeal.

The Southern Live Oak, like many other trees, benefit from proper care and management so that they will continue to give you beautiful aesthetics, shady places to relax, and most importantly, clean air to breathe.

One of the tree care services that you can get from Big Easy Tree Removal is our excellent plant health care services. Our team who specializes in tree health checks can determine the current and potential problems of your tree. Then they apply the best possible solution such as:

  • Fertilization
  • Deep root feeding
  • Trunk injections
  • Pest and/or disease treatment

We are a Metairie tree service company that can help boost your tree’s resistance to pests and diseases. We keep your trees healthy and trouble-free for a longer time.

Tree Removal

Our trained and skilled arborists remove even the most difficult and tricky trees. You will be assured that your tree will be removed safely and securely with the skill, experience, and proper equipment that we have. Whatever the reason or purpose for wanting your tree to be removed, we are specialists in this field of tree service in Metairie.

We provide free assessments for your tree if you are unsure if it is right to remove it or not. Our licensed arborists will assess the conditions of your tree thoroughly and help you make a wise decision. Tree removal is a last resort but there are conditions that make it the best possible solution.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Big Easy Tree Removal understands the importance of maintaining the appearance of your tree as well as its vigorous health. We care for every tree as if it is our own. We perform tree trimming and pruning to:

  • Shape your tree and obtain a uniform and symmetrical look
  • Clear branches that interfere with property
  • Transform overgrown trees to make them safe
  • Maintain and improve the strength of your tree
  • Restore the appearance of your tree


Stump Grinding and Removal

Removing Tree Stump Service in Metairie - Big Easy Tree RemovalWhen we remove trees, we also recommend stump grinding and removal services, unless the tree stump will be used for aesthetic purposes. Otherwise, a stump left on the ground will cause several problems in the future.

We consider removing stumps an important part of the tree removal process and our trained arborists can easily do this job for you safely and precisely.

Tree Felling

Big Easy Tree Removal is your local tree company in Metairie that offers expert tree felling services. Our licensed arborists with a team of experienced and trained tree technicians are experienced and trained for this type of tree service.

We have the equipment and expertise to do tree felling safely and properly. We make sure that your property and assets are fully protected while strictly following the industry’s best practices and safety measures.

Our tree felling services are best recommended for the following reasons:

  • A tree is an obstruction
  • A tree is weakening because of natural aging or because of a disease or pest infestation that cannot be treated
  • A tree is considered hazardous
  • The roots of a tree are undermining a wall or a building’s foundations
  • The roots of a tree are breaking through underground pipes

In the aftermath of storms or hurricanes in Louisiana when trees can be felled or when trees have reached their end of life and have fallen naturally, we take immediate action to remove them to prevent long-term damage to your property.

Tree Experts in Metairie

Big Easy Tree Removal is a team of licensed arborists, tree technicians, and ground crew who are prompt, courteous, and professional. We take pride in the extensive training that we provide our tree care specialists, their skills, and the equipment we have ready to handle any kind of tree service in Metairie.

We are your Metairie tree service company who will take great care to protect your trees to make them live healthier and better looking. We offer complete tree services with a team that is dedicated to excellence in tree care and customer service. We want to hear about your tree needs and be glad to let you know how we can help. Contact our tree experts now in Metairie!

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