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How To Maintain Proper Tree Care During Hurricane Season

During hurricane season, it is important for every homeowner to have time to prepare for the potential of strong winds, heavy rains, and flooding. But don’t forget about your trees during this time! Proper tree care can help protect your home from damage caused by powerful storms, so it’s important to know how to maintain your trees during hurricane season. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make sure your trees are safe and healthy as hurricane season approaches.

Assessing Tree Health Before The Hurricane Season

Before hurricane season begins, it’s important to assess the health of your trees. Look for signs of disease or infestation, such as discolored leaves or branches, swollen buds, or holes in the bark. 

Also, check for weak roots and branches that may be vulnerable to wind damage during a storm. If you notice any of these problems, contact an arborist for further assessment and advice on how to treat them.

A fallen tree storm

Next, inspect your trees’ crowns and trim away any dead or damaged branches. This will help ensure that your tree is structurally sound and better able to withstand strong winds.

Make sure there are no broken limbs that could easily break off during a storm. When pruning, avoid cutting too much—always leave at least one-third of the canopy intact.

Finally, take time to inspect the area around your tree for potential hazards such as power lines, buildings, or other structures which could cause damage if struck by falling limbs or debris. Clear away anything near the trunk which could obstruct root growth and make sure there are no roots wrapped around utility lines or pipes. Stake younger trees if necessary to keep them from toppling over in high winds.

Pruning Trees Before The Storms Arrive

Pruning trees before hurricane season is essential for proper tree care. By regularly pruning damaged, dead or diseased branches, you can help the tree stay strong and healthy during storms. This will also reduce the risk of breakage and other damage due to high winds. 

Pruning should be done by a professional arborist who is experienced in working with trees in hurricane-prone areas. The arborist will be able to identify any weak spots on the tree and provide advice on how to best prune it for optimal protection from storm damage.

When pruning, it’s important to make sure all branches are cut back at least six inches from the trunk of the tree. This will allow for maximum air circulation and prevent wind from catching hold of any twigs or branches that could cause damage to nearby property or power lines during high winds. Additionally, be sure to remove any deadwood from around the base of the tree as this can create an opportunity for high winds to catch hold and cause extensive damage.

It’s also important to keep an eye out for any signs of potential disease or decay on your trees before the storm season hits. If there are any signs of disease, contact a professional arborist right away so that they can diagnose and treat the issue before it has time to worsen during heavy rains or strong winds. Taking these steps now will help ensure that your trees are well prepared for whatever mother nature throws their way this hurricane season!

Supplying Nutrients To Trees During The Season

After pruning trees before the storm season, it’s important to provide them with the essential nutrients they need in order to remain healthy and strong. Fertilizing is a great way to help maintain tree health during hurricane season. 

To ensure that trees have all the necessary nutrients, apply a balanced fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Additionally, apply slow-release fertilizers every few months to feed the trees throughout the season.

It is also important to monitor soil moisture levels during hurricane season. Trees require adequate moisture for their roots to stay healthy, so it’s important to check soil moisture regularly and water when needed. 

Deep watering of trees should be done every few weeks during periods of drought or extreme heat. This will ensure that the root system can access sufficient water and prevent water stress on the tree.

In addition to deep watering, mulching can help protect trees from harsh weather conditions by preserving soil moisture and keeping the base of the trunk cool. Applying several inches of organic mulch around each tree will also help promote beneficial soil microbial activity and reduce weed competition. Properly caring for trees during hurricane season is essential for ensuring their health and long-term survival.

Securing Loose Branches And Limbs

It’s important to take steps to secure loose branches and limbs before hurricane season begins. This will help reduce the amount of damage that can occur in a storm. Pruning back overgrown branches is one way to reduce the risk of them snapping off in high winds. Make sure to prune any dead or diseased branches as well, as these can become projectiles with high enough wind speeds.

To further protect your tree from damage, use heavy-duty straps, ties, or cords to secure any remaining loose branches or limbs. Make sure that the straps are made of durable materials such as metal or nylon so they won’t break under pressure. Attaching straps near the trunk of the tree will provide additional support and may help prevent large limbs from falling off during a storm.

Checking your trees regularly during hurricane season is also a good idea. If you notice any new signs of decay or broken branches, trim them away immediately and add more straps if necessary. Taking these precautions can help minimize the potential damage caused by hurricanes and ensure that your tree remains healthy for years to come.

Protecting Trees From Flooding And Wind Damage

The next step in proper tree care during hurricane season is protecting trees from flooding and wind damage. This can be done by using preventive measures to improve the tree’s resilience, such as proper pruning and mulching. Inspecting Trees

Pruning should be done before the hurricane season starts so that there are fewer branches that can break off and cause damage to buildings or other structures. Mulching should also be done prior to a storm, as it helps retain moisture and reduces soil erosion when flooding occurs.

When preparing for a storm, it is important to inspect all trees on the property and remove any dead or weak branches that may pose a risk. Additionally, it is recommended to tie down any loose branches with cable ties or rope so they don’t become airborne during strong winds. Finally, make sure all trees have adequate drainage so that excessive water does not accumulate around their roots which could lead to root rot or even death of the tree.

With these steps taken, homeowners can ensure their trees are better prepared for storms and reduce the risk of damage from flooding or high winds. By following basic tree care practices during hurricane season, homeowners can help protect their property and keep their trees healthy for years to come.

Post-Storm Tree Care

After a hurricane, it is essential to take the proper steps in order to ensure that your trees are being cared for properly. First and foremost, it is important to inspect all of the trees on your property, including any that may have been damaged by the hurricane. Look for any broken branches or fallen limbs, as well as any visible signs of damage. 

It is also important to check for root damage, which can weaken the tree and cause it to become unstable. If you find any signs of damage, be sure to contact a certified arborist for assistance with tree care.

Once you have inspected your trees and taken care of any necessary repairs or treatments, it is important to provide them with regular tree maintenance and care. This includes watering regularly, pruning away dead or diseased branches, fertilizing when needed, and applying pest control treatments if necessary. 

Additionally, it is important to check for signs of insect infestations or disease throughout the year so that you can catch issues early and take action before they become too severe.

Finally, make sure that you are removing debris from around your trees after each storm event. This will help prevent further damage from occurring due to water pooling or wind gusts catching in branches. Additionally, this will help keep pests away from your trees and ensure that they stay healthy over time.


Tree care is incredibly important and should never be taken lightly – especially during hurricane season. While trees can be incredibly resilient, they can easily become weakened or even destroyed if proper tree care isn’t taken before and after a hurricane. Fortunately, our team at Big Easy Tree Removal is here to help with all of your tree-care needs!

 We offer an array of services including storm preparation, pesticide applications, and crown reduction. Our experienced experts ensure that your tree is properly cared for during hurricane season and beyond! 

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