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New Orleans Tree Service Company Providing All Aspects of Tree Care and Maintenance

Big Easy Tree Removal takes pride in caring for trees in Louisiana. Our licensed and expert arborists provide all aspects of management and maintenance as your premium New Orleans tree service company.

We take pride in caring for your trees by providing all aspects of management and maintenance. Our comprehensive range of tree care services in New Orleans includes assessment, advice, professional tree care, and management options.

We treat your trees individually and we value them as much as you do. Trees are a valuable element in your landscape, whether residential or commercial and are a part of your most precious assets because they are a part of your property.

Tree Service in New Orleans

committed to excellence in tree care and customer service. We have looked after trees and hedges in New Orleans for decades.

Our specialists excel in tree services for trees used as garden ornamentals and mature trees on family estates and public grounds. Wherever you are in New Orleans, we will keep them beautiful and healthy with proper maintenance.

Our team of professional and skilled arborists and tree technicians are experts in:

  • Pruning
  • Trimming
  • Repairing and securing broken branches with braces and cables
  • Diagnosing or evaluating trees for pest problems or plant diseases
  • Fertilization
  • Planting
  • Removal
  • Calculating the monetary value of trees
  • Developing and planning budgets for tree maintenance
  • Presenting tree health seminars to schools
  • Working with dangerous power tools

Why You Need Professional Tree Services in New Orleans

New Orleans boasts of gardens and hike trails where trees are the most majestic element. While there are plenty of walking paths in New Orleans, there aren’t many hiking paths in the city itself.

However, drive just a little farther away and you will enjoy several gorgeous hiking paths and trails. A few examples are the Audubon Louisiana Nature Center, Couturie Forest and Arboretum, the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park, and the Kisatchie National Forest.

But, landscapes in the city typically have trees as one of the dominant features. Louisiana has an abundance of great native and exotic trees to choose from for home, commercial, and public landscapes. A landscape in New Orleans will not be complete without a Southern live oak, Southern magnolia, or bald cypress.

Big Easy Tree Removal is your go-to New Orleans tree service company that will make sure that your tree care and maintenance needs are met. While you might want to do the maintenance yourself.

Here are the reasons why you should choose us:

The right equipment

We have the right equipment for pruning big branches and trimming or cutting down trees. These procedures require different kinds of tools. We have the right equipment and modern tools to accomplish any tree care and maintenance procedure.

Our trained technicians in using equipment make sure that no residents, surrounding structures, and other young trees and plants are not harmed.

Guaranteed safety

Our specialists do not simply cut down your trees. They are extremely cautious and make sure that tree services are done safely and in the right way. We are trusted professional tree service providers in New Orleans that will keep you and your family safe from injuries or accidents.

Your property is protected

We have experienced tree service professionals who know exactly how to do the job. With our modern equipment, we can remove trees without causing damage to your property.

Our specialists know exactly how to handle and control the machine to lessen the effect of a falling branch or tree on your landscape. You are assured that nothing in your property is damaged in the process.

Easy clean-up after every project

Cleaning Up after Tree Removal Service in New Orleans - Big Easy Tree RemovalCleaning up after tree removal, trimming, or other tree services can really leave your yard messy.

As a professional tree service company, we are committed to cleaning the whole place after a tree removal service takes place.

Our groundworkers make sure that there is no stump or bottom part of the tree left projecting from the ground that may cause harm in the future.

We can also chop branches into small pieces which you can use as firewood.

The most important part of our cleanup procedure is hauling and transporting all the debris off your property. We always leave your property neat and clean.

Expertise in tree care

We are your local tree service company in New Orleans knowledgeable about tree care services such as:

  • Analyzing your soil and other environmental factors that affect the growth of your trees
  • Proper handling of trees
  • Professional and safe removal of trees of any size
  • Applying the appropriate treatment to save trees that are infested with pests and/or diseases


Big Easy Tree Removal offers tree services in New Orleans worth the amount you paid for. We do not only remove trees safely or perform tree services, but we clean the area completely. This saves you time and money on repairs and construction of damage when you choose to do the job yourself.

Tree Care and Maintenance Services We Offer

Our tree surgeons have successfully accomplished the most complicated, large-scale projects but are also independent enough to attend to individual tree service needs for our private clients. We give expert advice and perform our job with creative ideas.

Highest Professional Service and Care

With years of experience, skills, and knowledge in the industry, Big Easy Tree Removal remains true to its commitment to providing excellent and sustainable tree service and care.

We are your local tree service company in New Orleans with qualified, licensed, and well-trained arborists, tree technicians, and staff.

Their continued professional development ensures that you will get the highest professional service and care. Contact our New Orleans tree removal expert today!

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